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Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, DV, VHS, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, VHS-C & Betamax. We can convert them all to digital!

Photos &

Photo negatives (those film strips you received with your prints), Photo slides (the plastic or cardboard squares) can all be scanned and stored digitally

Tape Repair
& Cleaning

If you’ve got a damaged tape, either physical or mould, we can fix it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my tapes to you?

You can drop them off at our Newcastle NSW office, post them to us, otherwise we can send you a prepaid postage box.

What quality is the transfer?

Excellent question. This is the question that started it all. When we were on the hunt for a service to import our tapes, it was difficult to find answers on the quality. Most offered transfer to DVD, but we didn’t want to compress it down. We offer the full, uncompressed output straight from the player. We can also compress it if you’d like smaller file sizes for sharing, but at least you can have the large sizes too!

How long do you take to transfer?

It depends! Importing video from tapes isn’t as simple as “drag and drop”. You have to play the video in real time as the computer imports it. Most tapes are around 1-2 hours, so it depends on how many you have, and our current bookings

How can I play the videos?

The uncompressed video will be in the form of “DV” video, which can play in Quicktime Player & VLC. It can also be used in video editing programs.

We can convert it to a .mp4, which is less fussy about what it’s played on, and also burn it to a DVD or BluRay

What are the files provided on?

Depending on the size, we can use a flash drive, or if there are a large number of files – we will use a small external hard drive.

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More Info

Most consumer camcorders used VHS-C (a compact VHS tape), Hi8 (also Digital8 & Video8) or MiniDV.

A lot of these were used over 20 years ago, and time is running out before the tapes perished, and can’t be repaired.

You need to act soon to have them transferred to digital in the form of a flash drive, hard drive or disk.

We also offer a trade in option if you have a certain old video camera or VCR.

Take a look at a sample

These were shot on Hi-8, using a canon camcorder