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Drone Filmmaking & Surveying

Bowline Medias' Chief Pilot, Andrew Wise has been operating RC aircraft for the past 15 years, and after working as a photographer and filmmaker, operating a flying camera was the best combination of both those passions. We were one of the first few hundred people to receive and operating certificate from CASA, and have been capturing some amazing footage ever since.


We're licensed to fly drones up to 7kg Australia wide. We have exemptions to fly within 5.5km of some airports and helicopter landing site, and we can fly at night too.

Filmmaking & Photography

We're available for all corporate, film & TV roles.


For Film & Photography, we fly the DJI Inspire 2, which is capable of shooting 5.7k RAW. The Inspire 2 is an extremely capable drone, paired with the X5S or X7 Camera, it will compete well with larger octocopers with a RED/Arri setup.


For surveying, we fly the DJI M210 drone. It has the ability to mount a standard photo camera, zoom camera and/or a thermal camera.
We're able to create a 3D mesh with cloud points, to take measurements and volumes or stockpiles or excavations, inspect the efficiency of solar panels, and detect any failed cells. Find hot points within equipment, and inspect high, remote or hard to reach areas.