Newcastle Based Real Estate Photographer and Videographer

Images are the first thing potential buys will see. So are the most of that chance with some great photos!

We’re available for Photography, Videography, Drone and Floor Plans

We service Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.

We work with Real Estate Agents, Homeowners and Holiday Rental Owners.

We don’t do HDR photos like almost everyone else. We use an ambient light photo, plus multiple shots where we use a wireless flash to put light around the room to produce a cleaner, less noisy and washed out image, with the light looking like it’s coming from the window, not the camera which is typical with a camera mounted flash.

They’re all manually blended and brushed in the editor to produce the final image. We can edit in house, or outsource to for even faster turnaround.


Ambient light only – note the blue colour cast from the outside light mixing with the warm yellow light of the interior. 


Ambient light blended with multiple flash shots to try create a natural, evenly lit shot – with perfect window exposures. 

Change The Way People View Your Listing

Plan & Shoot

We arrive on time and work professionally in the owners home. Generally we shoot the home within 1-2 hours. All our video is shot in 4K 50fps, using gimbals, sliders and drones.


We'll edit the video to personalise it to your branding. Using licensed music, and adding any graphics needed. For drone shots, we can add motion tracked call out titles showing key points in the video such as supermarkets, public transport & parks.


The video will go up on youtube within the following 1-3 days for embedding in, we'll also provide a link to download directly to upload on your facebook business page, which works wonders for getting the video viewed by a much wider range than just viewers.