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KODAK VISION3 500T Colour Negative Film 7219 is a high speed film featuring improved exposure latitude-so you can capture an amazing amount of shadow detail with noticeably lower grain. Rely on the extended highlight latitude and follow the action into bright light without worrying about blown-out details.

500T is great for low light scenes. It’s not ideal to shoot this outside in bright light unless you’re using a ND filter to avoid overexposure.

500T is tungsten light balanced, meaning you don’t need a filter when shooting under tungsten 3200k light. You can also shoot it in daylight, ideally using a 85 filter which looks orange coloured. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, it can be corrected in post. Otherwise you can purchase one here from C.R.Kennedy

This purchase does not include development or scanning. But we can organise that for you!