Wedding Videography

The best way to remember your day!

We are storytellers, creatives and tech heads. Filming weddings is something we love to do. It's a great job where we can show a beautiful love story of your day. We personalise your wedding video, and capture all the beautiful and important moments of your day in stunning Ultra HD.

How We Do It

To film a wedding we use multiple cameras to capture all the best angles, and make sure we don't miss a thing! We use video tripods to ensure our shots are clear and stable, Gimbal steady cam for smooth handheld shots and professional audio equipment for great sounding audio!

What Your Investment Provides

All of our packages contain a 3-5 minute highlight video, which can have music of your choice, or real audio from the day mixed with music. And, a traditional full length edited film of the day.

Why Video?

A wedding video is the perfect way to relive your day, but why have a video when you already have a photographer? Photos are great, but there is so much more in a video! Just take a look at the highlight, it's a beautiful mix of real audio from the day, environment and motion around us. Enjoying the moment you are in is so important, but your day can go by so quickly! all your important moments are captured and saved forever - so you can relive your ceremony, watch your dance with your parents, listen to the personal speeches from family and friends.